About TwelveSec

TwelveSec was founded in 2012 in Athens, Greece by a group of Cybersecurity enthusiasts. In short period of time we assembled quite a team of consultants able to tackle any potential threat. The quality of our services is the reason that several Fortune 500 & Forbes Global 2000 companies, government agencies, and intergovernmental organisations from around the globe trust us with their cybersecurity. We engage in a very wide range of projects; from Web App penetration tests to Red Teaming engagements and from IoT devices assessment to SCADA/ICS hardware testing.

In our never-ending quest for excellence and in order to raise the bar even higher when it comes to quality, we are always looking for highly capable people to join our team. But we are not leaving it at that. We spend more than we probably should in personnel training programs and we always jump on the opportunity to help our consultants to enhance their knowledge; you will be participating in numerous internal and external training courses and participate in the best hacking conferences in the world (Yes…Defcon included!). After all our strength is our people.

Current openings